Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Ref: 125Monday 16 May 2022

£55000- 60000

Marketing Manager


We have an excellent opportunity for a Marketing Manager who wants to take on the challenge of working for a recruitment business that is looking to change the industry. You will be responsible for driving leads for the business via available marketing channels, managing the marketing department, owning content development needed by the sales department and being ultimately responsible for our communities, which are a huge part of our go-to-market strategy.

The successful candidate will be responsible for marketing to both candidates and clients, with a focus on direct response and driving customer acquisition.

You will report directly to the CEO of the business, with the ability to directly control messaging and the marketing plan. It is a content-focused marketing role where all activities will need to be justified based on results. If you can prove something works, then we support you to try completely new areas.

Our office is based in London and we would expect the candidate to be based there 2 days a week, alongside the rest of the team. You are welcome in the office on more days but this is your decision, we have a trust-based operating model and believe that people work best when given options. We employ adults and trust them to make good decisions.


Delivering on the marketing strategy that is in place and hitting clear targets for new candidates and clients.

You will work closely with the team to understand what is working and the requirements they have to attract both candidates and clients.

Lead the team on weekly marketing activities across marketing channels, ensuring business priorities are met.

Take responsibility for our three communities that we use as a difference-maker in finding candidates and showing clients how we find unique candidates.

Lead on all Insights and Reporting across marketing channels

Ownership and management of the content calendar, that is used to drive engagement with the companies community websites, increase SEO traffic and provide the sales team with tools to engage both clients and candidates.

Take overall responsibility for all events (in-person and virtual) run by the company, utilising the marketing team to ensure they run smoothly and generate new leads for the business.

Manage implementation of the marketing plan across the different channels, monitor effectiveness and provide recommendations.

The key marketing channels to own will be email, SEO, LinkedIn and our own community sites

As required, bring onboard and manage the effectiveness of any agencies for activities that cannot be performed within the business.


  • B2B marketing experience
  • Content marketing experience
  • Digital marketing experience
  • Knowledge of consumer analysis tools such as Google Analytics
  • Any prior knowledge of the recruitment industry would be a bonus but is not required or expected.


  • Excellent communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal skills
  • Analytical skills to measure, evaluate and report against goals
  • Proven problem-solving capability to develop opportunities
  • Strong organisation skills


The vision of the Company is to make it easier for clients to hire the right Salesforce and engineering candidates. We aim to achieve this by becoming the most trusted recruitment agency.

We genuinely want to make a difference in the recruiting industry and give everyone in the team a voice. If you are passionate about the difference marketing can make to a business then this client is perfect for you. We believe the old ways of working in a recruit are dead, we only employ people that want a fresh approach to that challenge and we give them the freedom to make that happen.

Values and Principles:

  • Radical Honesty – never fear the truth, always speak the truth
  • Seeking to understand – questioning to hear and understand, not just questioning to respond or talk
  • Continuously learning – a relentless commitment to getting better and better

The way we lead

  • Ownership
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Leading from the front
  • Integrity
  • Consistency