Executive Search & Selection 

Whatever your recruitment requirements whether large or small, extensive or organisational, Screen International Group has the experience and partnerships to meet your needs and fufill your expectations. We look to provide the best possible fit for both prospective job seekers and organisations looking for real-time, lasting connections.

We know that for every vacancy there will always be a niche mix of skills, cultural fit and experiences you are hoping to match to. At Screen International Group Ltd we comb over our talent pool of candidates’ CVs, as well as looking via internet job sites, conducting keyword searches to track down potential job seekers who might also benefit from your role. Where possible we will approach matching candidates, provide them with a full job description and conduct initial telephone interviews and screenings, to assess their genuine suitability. Both parties can provide and gain feedback on their experiences, allowing only the most compatible to proceed towards a face to face interview, a task, or the next steps towards an eventual offer.

Contact us today to discuss ways of expanding your employment reach with real, like-minded professionals. 

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